Seminar II - F

Ano letivo: 2019-2020
Specification sheet

Specific details
course codecycle os studiesacademic semestercredits ECTSteaching language
2003424126pt,en *)

*) N.B.  if there are students who do not speak Portuguese the language is English.

Learning goals
Competence in organization and planning.
Information management competences.
Competence in understanding the language of other specialists.
Scientific and technical communication skills.
Ability to articulate the thought, presentation and argumentation.
The student must prepare a public seminar on a topic close the subject of the dissertation (but distinct from such subject).
Generic skills to reach
. Competence in analysis and synthesis;
. Competence in organization and planning;
. Competence in information management;
. Competence in understanding the language of other specialists;
. Research skills;
. Competence in oral and written communication;
. Critical thinking;
. Competence in autonomous learning;
. Adaptability to new situations;
. Competence in applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
(by decreasing order of importance)
Teaching hours per semester
total of teaching hours30

Research work50 %
OtherDefesa de seminário público: 50/Defense of public seminar: 50 %

Bibliography of reference
Revistas Científicas adequadas ao tema em causa.
Scientific Journals suitable to the subject concerned.
Teaching method
Continued evaluation work: the student should contact his seminar supervisor at least twice a month. Other requirements may be imposed by the supervisor, depending on the type of work to be done.
Resources used
Acesso a uma boa Biblioteca e a meios informáticos.
Outros dependentes do trabalho a desenvolver.