Dissertation - F

Ano letivo: 2017-2018
Specification sheet

Specific details
course codecycle os studiesacademic semestercredits ECTSteaching language
200340211+248pt,en *)

*) N.B.  if there are students who do not speak Portuguese the language is English.

Learning goals
a) organizational, planning and decision skills
b) ability to carry out scientific or technological research
c) capacity to implement and interconnect knowledge
d) creative and critical ability
c) ability to articulate the thought, bring it out and argue a thesis.
The student will perform research work on a theme of the field of the Master's specialisation that will be reported in a written text (dissertation) to be defended in public by a jury.
Generic skills to reach
. Competence in organization and planning;
. Competence to solve problems;
. Capacity of decision;
. Competence in applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
. Research skills;
. Competence in information management;
. Critical thinking;
. Competence in understanding the language of other specialists;
. Creativity;
. Quality concerns;
(by decreasing order of importance)
Teaching hours per semester
other activities324
total of teaching hours324

Research work100 %

Bibliography of reference
Artigos científicos e técnicos.
Outras teses e trabalhos publicados, adequados ao assunto em desenvolvimento.

Scientific and technical papers.
Other theses and published works, appropriate to the underlying subjects.
Teaching method
the student will be in regular contact with your advisor. Other requirements may be set up by the supervisor, depending on the type, stage and difficulty of the work.
Resources used
Dependem dos trabalhos a desenvolver.