Didactics of Physics I - EFQ

Ano letivo: 2013-2014
Specification sheet

Specific details
course codecycle os studiesacademic semestercredits ECTSteaching language
2003243217.5pt *)

*) N.B.  if there are students who do not speak Portuguese the language is English.

Learning goals

Knowledge of the subjects to be taught. Capacity to efficiently organize and communicate the course contents. Develop diversified competences of learning and teaching. Develop the required skills to meet the necessities of students.


Reflective approach from the view point of a future teacher towards the contents of the Physics syllabus in basic and secondary education and its possible extensions. Contextualization, analysis and discussion of practical examples and problems.


Knowledge of Physics and associated competences, compulsory to be accepted on the Master (50 ECTS).

Generic skills to reach
. Competence in analysis and synthesis;
. Competence in oral and written communication;
. Competence to solve problems;
. Competence to communicate with people who are not experts in the field;
. Competence in applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
. Competence in organization and planning;
. Competence for working in group;
. Critical thinking;
. Adaptability to new situations;
. Self-criticism and self-evaluation;
(by decreasing order of importance)
Teaching hours per semester
laboratory classes45
total of teaching hours90

Laboratory or field work20 %
Mini tests20 %
Exam60 %
assessment implementation in 20132014
Assessment Mini Tests: 30.0%
Resolution Problems: 30.0%
Exam: 40.0%

Bibliography of reference

de Almeida, M.J. Preparação de professores de Física - Uma contribuição científico-pedagógica e didáctica: Editora Almedina, Coimbra, 2004.

Teaching method

Classes with a theoretical framework which integrate a group analysis of the contents and the respective structure. Laboratory classes applying concepts covered in the theoretical classes. Group analysis and discussion of the approach, design and consequent resolution of the problems and situations presented.

Resources used
Data show, projector de acetatos.