Image Fundamentals for Diagnosis and Therapeutics - EB

Ano letivo: 2016-2017
Specification sheet

Specific details
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Learning goals
1)Integrating basic knowledge in the interpretation of problems in the routine acquisition of medical images for diagnostic and therapeutics
2)Discussion of the main sources of artefacts in medical images
3)Discussion of the correcting methods and guidance on choosing them
1)Physiology of the acquisition and processing of images as representations of objects: role of the ocular globe components and their connections to the visual cortex in the Central Nervous System
2)Point-to-point comparison between the visual system and the instruments for acquisition, processing and data analysis of medical images
3)Characteristics of each of the medical diagnostic imaging methods; advantages and disadvantages of the methods using ionising radiations
4)Identification of artefacts, and their relation to the acquisition, processing and data analysis methods, mentioning also some correctional measures
5)Integration and multi-modality using methods that combine images, either by co-acquisition or by merging
6)Therapeutic usefulness of metabolic mapping, therapeutic guidance, treated volume planning, evaluation of therapeutic effect, instigation of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new drugs
7)Therapeutic methods using ionising radiations and heavy ions
Anatomy and Histology; Physiology I and II; Radiations in Biomedicine
Generic skills to reach
. Competence to solve problems;
. Competence in working in interdisciplinary teams;
. Competence to communicate with people who are not experts in the field;
. Creativity;
. Quality concerns;
. Computer Skills for the scope of the study;
. Critical thinking;
. Adaptability to new situations;
. Competence in applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
. Research skills;
(by decreasing order of importance)
Teaching hours per semester
theory-practical classes14
other activities16
total of teaching hours60

Sseminar or study visit10 %
Problem solving25 %
Project40 %
Mini tests25 %

Bibliography of reference
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Teaching method
Theoretical and practical classes where active participation of students is sought for.

Guided visits to private and public sector medical imaging units.

Guided visit to a radio-activated drugs' production facility in Portugal (positron emission).

Guided visit to a Radiotherapy unit.
Resources used